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Latest WLAG update 27th November 2018.
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WLAG update 25th July 2018.
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Latest Action by WLAG January 2018:
Sycamore Planning Ltd have applied for permission to build a Combined Heat and Power plant combined with a Waste Water (leachate) Treatment Plant on land at the Landfill Site, Puddock Road, Warboys.

Planning Application Reference No. H/5002/18/CW (include this at the top of your letter)

The deadline for members of the public to write with any concerns is 8 February 2018.

The planning appn is online at: http://planning.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/swift/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display then use H/5002/18/CW. The 'supporting planning statement' section is useful. You can respond to Cambridgeshire County Council online from the above site or by email to
[email protected] or in writing by post to County Planning, Minerals and Waste Team, Box SH1315, Shire Hall, Cambridge, CB3 OAP

If you can, please copy your response asap to Warboys Parish Council email [email protected] or to 1 Blenheim Close, off Pathfinder Way also to Huntingdonshire District Council by email at [email protected] or to Planning Services, Huntingdonshire District Council, Pathfinder House, St Mary's Street, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE29 3TN

We urge you to write in your own words — below are some notes to help you.
Choose only two or three issues which concern you most to mention — you do not have to be highly technical in your responses. Each member of your household can write including young people.

Inputs, exports and emissions.
The combustor will have a 25 metre tall chimney emitting CO2 + any possible contaminants. It will burn 144 tonnes of chipped wood per day (48000-52000 tonnes/yr) 40% of the wood will come from Woodford Recycling rest from within a 30 mile radius. The wood will exclude hazardous but will include painted and glued woods in categories 2 and 3. The waste water (leachate) treatment plant will have six 12 metre high chimneys pretreated with sulphuric acid (to adjust pH) and hydrogen peroxide and aeration before being released into the air containing both water vapour and possible pollutants. Leachate will come from Warboys (site contains hazardous waste) and from sites within a 30 mile radius. It will evaporate 195 tonnes waste water (leachate) per day (65000-70000 tonnes/yr)

Traffic to the site along Fenside Road
This is single track with passing places and in a poor state of repair. The exit onto the busy A141 is dangerous for large slow moving vehicles turning across the traffic. The construction would take 9 months with 100 contractors increasing traffic pressures. When operating up to 36 traffic movements per day (18 X 2 in and out) Lorries would contain 24 tonnes of chipped wood for burning Ash , volume -up to 1 tonne per day, 21 tonne bags and shipped out twice a week Tankers would contain 27 tonnes of liquid leachate for evaporating Leaving residues of 1 tonne per day, in sealed tanks shipped out 3 times per week for treatment.

Operating times
Will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week Traffic will arrive between 07:00 to 19:00 on weekdays, 07:00 to 13:00 on Saturday. Not on Sundays.

Owners and Operators
The presentations via the exhibition and to the Parish Council were by planning advisors who did not mention that the generator will be owned by Cambridgeshire Biomass Ltd and the waste water treatment will be owned by H2O Resources Ltd — a separate company. If anything goes wrong who will be responsible? Both companies have been set up within the last 12 months and have no experience of running such an untested scheme. The planning process is for the site and does not consider the owners.

We are local volunteers, keen to hear from anyone with specialized knowledge or expertise to help WLAG. To contact WLAG. Email [email protected] or phone Betty Ball on 01487 822083.

For a .pdf of this document which you can print: WLAG.pdf

Background and history of WLAG

WLAG was set up in the 1990's to stop the dumping of hazardous waste into the landfill site at the bottom of Puddock Hill, bearing in mind that approval had only been given for non-hazardous waste.

The dumping of hazardous waste was stopped but no final decision has been made as to the toxic waste already dumped in the site.

Under current negotiations between Woodford, The Environment Agency and others it has been agreed that the unfilled cell(s) will only be filled with non-hazardous waste.  This achieves one of the final objectives of WLAG but the other final objective of WLAG has not been satisfactorily achieved.  This is that the whole of the site (including that which contains the hazardous waste) be monitored and controlled in perpetuity so the site is safe for the people of Warboys and those in the Fens for ever!

A Forum to discuss matters relating to the Landfill site meets regularly.  The members of the forum are:-  Cambridgeshire County Council, Huntingdonshire District Council, Warboys Parish Council, Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Board, WLAG, Warboys representatives and Woodford.

Please note that Woodford, the current owners of the Landfill site, were not responsible for the dumping of hazardous waste - this was Fenside Waste Management.  Woodford now have the responsibility for the whole site.